Asset Based Finance Association

The Asset Based Finance Association is based in UK and it supplies liquidity to Irish and UK market. and businesses. It represents the industry in UK and Ireland but it works around the world with many organizations.

One of its job is to set the standards for the industry and also to enforce them. It is also one of its job to provide education in the industry and to inform other stakeholders who are outside the industry. Most of the strategies of the association are shaped by its members as it is a member centric association. Most of the issues which have industry wide importance are discussed between asset based finance providers and others. The industry is not something that can be supported by small UK bank loan or London so the providers of asset based finance are important to be connected with the operators.

The members can compete with each others but they always have to follow European and UK competition law which ABFA make sure that its meetings and activities are not breaking.

Asset Based Finance Association was actually founded in 1976 with the name of Association of British Factors. Just after four years it changed to become Association of British Factors and Discounters and in 1996 it was merged with AIF and CIF human chapters to become FDA and later in 2007 it changed to become Asset Based Finance Association by which name we all know it today.

The association’s website has a list of finance providers, these providers lend money through factoring, invoice discounting and asset based lending.

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